Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy 2week Birthday, Babies!!

The last few days have been full of firsts for these babies!  First steps (at 10 days old), first eyes open (at 14 days old), and first solitary pottying (14 days old), first solid food (goat's milk yogurt), first sink baths (thanks to being covered in yogurt!)...  Babies are twitching their ears, walking towards sounds/light...what's next on their to-do lists?

Ricochet (Rikki) had her right eye open nearly completely this evening as they went to bed for the night, and her left one (the white side) wasn't too far behind.  I assume she was conceived first as she does everything first...the other 4 follow suit about a day after, and Tigger brings up the caboose -- love little Tigg!!

Now for the big news -- we are keeping Ricochet!!  I have been drawn to her since the moment I saw her, and Jeff has conceded defeat in his resistance, and plans to get another "manly" male dog this summer (likely one of the American Bulldog puppies about to be born of Heather's foster dog...).  Who needs 4 border collies, you may wonder?  Um, no one really.  But I need Rikki, and that's that.  I can't explain why I am so drawn to her, but I know I can't be without her.  She'll be a welcomed addition to the Hurt pack, and I look forward to watching her grow, into whatever she decides she wants to be. !!

Courtney will be here on Sunday to take some better photos, but here are some photos taken on their Birthday, this past Thursday :)  2.5 week photos coming soon!

~ Hot Check ~

Weight at birth: 11oz
Weight at 1wk: 1lb 4oz
Weight at 2wks: 1lb 13.5oz

~ Tigger ~
Weight at birth: 8.5oz
Weight at 1wk: 15.75oz
Weight at 2wks: 1lb 10.25oz

~ Pogo ~
Weight at birth: 12oz
Weight at 1wk: 1lb 4.2oz
Weight at 2wks: 1lb 12.5oz

~ Bungee ~
Weight at birth: 12oz
Weight at 1wk: 1lb 3.75oz
Weight at 2wks: 1lb 14.5oz

~ Ricochet ~
Weight at birth: 12oz
Weight at 1wk: 1lb 4.4oz
Weight at 2wks: 1lb 14.75oz

~ Trampoline ~
Weight at birth: 10oz
Weight at 1wk: 1lb 3.5oz
Weight at 2wks: 1lb 13oz