Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy 3week Birthday, Babies!!

They are such adorable little DOGS now!!  They bark and growl and pounce on each other...and they wrestle and chew on each other.  Killing me with cuteness!!

I'm mixing up different "puppy goop" meals for them each day.  They've have such a wide variety of food already!!  Turkey, Emu, goat milk, sheep milk, eggs, beef tripe, lamb tripe, red salmon, pink salmon, etc.  These puppies, I am determined, will NOT be picky eaters, or those BCs that it's hard to get them to eat.  Well, unless you want them to eat kibble.  Then all bets are off, I'd bet.  Safer to stick with raw, I bet ;-)

Hot Check.
Just chillin'. She is such a ham for the camera.

Impossibly impishly cute.

Adorable cubed!

By far the least cooperative of the bunch when it comes to photos.

My sweet Rikki. I can't wait to share our life with her.

Pricelessly precious.
It seriously doesn't get any cuter than her little head and tiny ears and teddy bear sweetness. I ♥ this imp!

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