Monday, January 17, 2011

Health Certs Galore


  1. I would suggest blocking out your address... there's people who're really nutty out there, esp the anti-breeding animal rights nuts with the "better off dead" opinions. I suggest not making your address public, and even consider using a PO box, unless people are trusted, known people in the dog community...

    Paranoid, maybe, but dog breeders no matter how small, or large ARE targets.

  2. Thanks -- hadn't thought of that. We don't live there any more, but a good thought all the same. I'll just take this post down for now!

  3. Because of documented safety issues, I do not even use my home address for entries in dog shows and events... I use a business address, through a mailing place. A PO box works the same.

    Not only are there thieves that steal puppies (Esp breeds like Bulldogs, and toy breeds), but there are those who're violent towards those who make the choice to breed their dogs. It's a sad state the world is in, for those who dedicate their lives to promoting animals. Sucks! Even when 'we' were growing up, breeders would publish their addresses, and allow 'walk in' visitors. No longer is that the case!