Monday, January 10, 2011

More Beans!

More flirting, and more Beanie-making tonight!  Today's Day14 in her cycle.  Will get with Lindsey/Neo again tomorrow and she should be pretty well covered.  We'll see how long she's into it.  She's definitely been enjoying herself -- telling Cleatus to BACKOFF!! and flirting with Neo with everything in her power.  Too funny.  What a silly little Bean!!  :o) 

There would be more XRated puppy porn if they hadn't decided to tie back in the "love corner" so Neo could use the wall to help with leverage.  Turns out when he's doin' the deed, his legs are a bit shorter than Fil's, which leads to a lot of tap-dancing.  While hilarious to us, it's likely not all the comfy for either of them.  He unexpectedly tied just as soon they came inside from a potty break, so I didn't get the camera out in time.  I only had it ready as they were flirting beforehand and afterward.

The tie tonight lasted about 25min.  They're so funny in how restless they get towards the end.  Their eyes seem to plead with us to make it end.  Poor dogs.  The things they do for us!!

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