Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I'm going to explain here why exactly I'm breeding Fillie & Neo this time around.

It all started December 2009 when Lindsey's heart dog, and medical alert dog, Cappuccino was attacked and killed in her yard by a pack of wild somethings.  He was 9yo at the time, and the loss was very hard on Lindsey.  Not long afterward, a wily little pup named Jimi wiggled into Lindsey's life.  Even though Lindsey had a completely different dog in mind when she planned her next pup, Jimi just fit right into the hole Capp left in her heart, and it was only fitting that Jimi, too, was a rough coated tri.  

Jimi was a hoot.  A true character.  She and Fillie were the best of friends, pretty similar in age, and *very* similar in personality.  Jimi even got the nickname of "Fillie Jr" before too long.  They'd play AF games (where one would run to the top of the AF, the other would follow, then they'd turn around at the apex and race back down, through a tunnel, up again, .... and repeat...& repeat...& repeat!!)  Sometimes they'd just hang out on the AF and watch everything going on in the world.  They were a real pair, a truly comical team!

Sadly, Jimi was struck by a car and killed in November 2010.  The loss was very hard for Lindsey, who was still getting over not having Capp in her life.  Jimi's passing hit everyone here at Dog City pretty hard.  Jimi was our mascot, our silly little barker and self-agility-doer.  She started scaling the AF on her own at like 9wks old!  There'll just never be another Jimi.

As if the losses of Jimi and Capp weren't enough, Lindsey's 14yo JRT Lucky had a heart attack and passed away in December 2010.  Three dogs in one year -- that's no kinda luck to have! 

Lindsey's current Medical Alert dog is 7yo, and the son of Capp.  She had tried to get others to follow in his footsteps as a backup measure, but none so far had been able to alert her.  Since she needs a MA dog, and she *really* needs something GOOD to happen, we're making her a puppy.  Custom ordered just for her, and hoping the genetic link is what gets her her next MA dog.  

Her pup will be named [Kanga]Roo in honour of Lucky, whose nickname was Roo.  In Capp's legacy, and Jimi's memory, this pup will be a special member of Lindsey's family for sure.

There will be nothing that can keep these pups down -- I'm sure they'll JUMP right out of the womb!  Fil' and Neo both have springs in their rear ends and can fly higher than any dog ought to be able ;-)  I'm super excited to see what this cross produces and only time will tell how many little bundles of joy will enter this world this Spring :)


  1. Fillie and Neo will make amazing offspring. I am looking forward to reading the blog

  2. Even though I pretty much knew the story, I love hearing the story in your words - I am SO EXCITED for this breeding and these puppies!!! I am MOST EXCITED for the one that ends up in Lindsey's hands - but I know that not only will the full litter come out incredibly athletic and agile - they also will come out with the very special compassion and heart that was put into this decision. These are going to be super awesome dogs and some very, very, very luck owners!!! I am SO EXCITED and think Em and Lindsay are both super special for taking on this "project" together!!!

  3. What an incredible destiny this puppy has. I wish all good things for Lindsey and Roo.