Monday, March 21, 2011

1 week old Photos!

Courtesy of Courtney (
To see more BBabies photos by Courtney, click here.

All of the Beanie Babies got their own STAR collars this week, made especially for them from  (Stars because they're all sure to be superstars as they grow up!!)  We'll take photos each week as they grow into their collars, and they'll wear them when they travel to their new homes.  They're a wee bit too large for them just yet, but I have a feeling that'll be a short-lived predicament.  I sure had fun during this photo shoot.  Some pups were more cooperative than others, but they are all pretty adorable if I do say so myself.  Each pup also has their own "Beanie Bone" made by Ty, and an accompanying Beanie Baby toy.  How could we resist??

Happy 1st week, my darlings!!

"Where did all these BeanieBabies come from??  Last I counted there were only 6!!"


* Hot Check*

* Tigger *

* Pogo *

* Bungee *

* Ricochet *

* Trampoline *


Kisses for Bungee!


These babies really will be 20 years of fun!!

She had me at hello.

Time to weigh in!


(last one to crest a pound!!)





Family Photo!!

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  1. >She had me at hello.
    Me too, about Tramp! Courtney has outdone herself again. Themes are really cute and love the family photo.