Saturday, March 12, 2011

Courtney's Visit

All of these awesome photos were taken by Courtney ( on 11 March 2011.
Pups are 1day old.


The champagne Courtney brought to celebrate with.
Patriotic and there's a star on the bottle -- does is GET any more fitting??!!

So precious.  I heart him!

Proud MamaBean -- itty bitty Tigger.

Such a good Momma.

Tiny toes!

Itty bitty Tigger and his tiny little rat tail.

Pogo, aka Troublemaker

Teeny Tiny PAWS!!

Momma Beans need sleep, too.

Black vs. White
Trampoline (Tramp), Pogo, Bungee, Tigger, Hot Check (Hottie), Ricochet (Rikki)

They eat pretty much non-stop.

Pogo has the cutest little hat on.

Ricochet's "m"
(look sideways, people)
I suppose it's a 3 from this angle.

Rikki's always snuggled up with Momma -- I heart her so!!

Jeff and Josie just got home and Fillie went out to greet them.  The pups are all "where's my Momma??!!"

Between myself and Courtney we almost got everyone's little nails trimmed.
This is WAY harder than you'd think!

"What are you doing to my Babies??"

"oh yes, that's the spot, right there..."

Sweet Dreams, sweet pile o'pups.

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