Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waiting to meet the PUPPIES

...and taking a trip down memory lane.  
(see below, after the PUPdate!!)

Temp is holding at 97.7.  Fillie seems slightly restless, panting for no apparent reason, and she keeps trying to share my skin with me.  She's the dog in the house who watches my every move, but she doesn't typically press herself against me so intensely.  I suppose this is her version of "weird behaviour" ?

Her temp dropped late last night, so I assume it'll be late tonight, super early tomorrow when they start making their appearance.  I can't WAIT to meet them!!

I bought a puppy cam tonight -- just waiting for Jeff to set it up so we can be live on the air!! :)

Some puppy Fillie fun:
10 weeks old: (meet the puppy!!)
14 weeks old: (pensacola beach play)
3.5 months old: (water play)
5 months old: (1st frisbee)
5 months old: (1st teeter Bang-it)
8 months old: (playing with sisters)
9 months old: (BEACH!!)
10 months old: (sprinkler craziness)

9wk old Fillie!!

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