Sunday, February 27, 2011

Even Bigger Belly

She's seriously getting bigger every day.  Big.ol'.belly.  Real big.  Like BIGbig.  Just when you think she can't get any bigger...she does. 

Let's not forget she still has almost 2 weeks to go. !!  We have an appointment for x-rays to find out just how many she has in there, on the 7th.  (If she doesn't pop before then, that is).

I took these last night as we crawled into bed.

"um, could you please turn off the flash...iz too bright"

 Not Ethiopian any more!!
Hauling a bellyful of babies around all day must be exhausting.  She sure does crash, and sleep soundly.
Love, love, love those white eyelashes on that black eyeliner of hers.  And those naughty spots that keep creepin' up all over her face and arms as she matures.  Adore this dog with all I have.

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