Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Not much news here, but I've been prodded for updates a few times lately, so here's one!!  :o)

I found a ton of Beanie Baby toys at the store and bought a whole bunch of cute bears to send with the puppies to their new homes (and to take photos of them with, of course!).  So that's exciting. 

Lindsey bought the puppies a Little Tykes playground thingie for the special puppy yard on the side of our *new house* we're moving into all this month.  The pups will have their own little yard so they don't get stepped on by bigger dogs on potty breaks and what-not.  And it'll stay safe and clean and free from any "roaming" germs the big dogs might pick up on their hikes.  Speaking of hikes, besides playing ball at DogCity, hiking's about the only thing the Beanie Momma's been up to.  Lots of fun times at the park, swimmings, jumpings, running, racings...posing for photos of course!

Of course, Fillie has also been a *big* help with the projects at the new house!!

Apparently I'll be able to get an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy early next week.  Will schedule that ASAP and of course try to get some photos to share.  Susie said her nipples would feel "velvety" if she was with puppy.  And while I don't really have any idea how velvety or otherwise they normally feel, they do seem to have stayed a bit larger than normal and do feel rather velvety to me :-P  Have I mentioned how hungry she is?  That's totally out of the realm of even-close-to-normal for Fillie.  She's like the daintiest, pickiest eater ever.  She chews everything so meticulously it's ridiculous.  When she eats kibble she chews every.single.piece.  Twice.  She's gotten faster at raw, and instead of just giving up her bowl to anyone that walks by and looks hungry, she stands her ground nowadays!  She's right there with me every time I venture into the kitchen and does spins when I get the dog bowls out -- WHAT??  This is for sure a new thing in the past few weeks.  Girl is HUNGRY.  It's the only personality change (besides being slightly bitchier to dogs at "her agility center") I've noticed but it's definitely a noticeable difference. !!

I did hear a bit of bad news this week, though.  I had an amazing home picked for one of the puppies.  Great dog parent, amazing life for the dogs...lots of hiking, unconditional love, and a house that would love and cherish the dog for what he/she is, no matter what.  The puppy would be one of three in the home, and would have all the luxuries in life a dog could desire, I feel certain of it.  Yet because of some hurtful gossip in the agility world, evil things were said to this person, about this person, and she doesn't feel right about having a puppy right now.  What a sad day when the cruel words of others make amazing people question themselves.  I can only hope that the time between now and puppy-to-new-home time comes the sting of those words subsides and the possibility reopens.  Here's to hoping. 

Let's all just sit around the fireplace, drink some hot chocolate (perhaps with a little whipped vodka in it!) and get along, pleasethanks. !!

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