Monday, February 21, 2011

Fillie the Fattie

Josie wants to know "Where are the babies??"

Fillie's food intake for the day:
1 extra large, extra meaty rib bone
1lb cooked catfish fillet
1lb ground beef
1lb fresh green tripe

3+lb of food a day -- really, fatty??!!  She ate a few licks of yogurt, too, but she wasn't totally into it so the elder BC's got a little extra (they are enjoying her odd eating habits!!).  Speaking of odd eating habits -- today was the first day she has *ever* voluntarily eaten fish.  Of any kind.  She doesn't want a salmon treat, salmon oil in her food, fresh catfish just out of the lake...none of it.  A few days ago Jeff purchased a few pounds of "catfish nuggets", complete with silver skin and all, and none of the dogs (even Ivie -- wtf??!!) wanted to eat the fish raw.  So I cooked the remainder up last night and chilled it for a day.  I brought it out to feed to Ivie and Josie tonight and Fillie was drooling at my feet (what??).  I figured one sniff and she'd be gone, but she chowed it right down!  Must be like that pickle/ice cream phenomena in women.  

I figure I'll get her to eat as much fish as I can while she's with puppy, though, so maybe it'll carry over.  She's been eating about a pound of fresh tripe a day, and she's so funny about it.  You've never met a dog who could take longer to eat some ground up green mush!!  She picks it apart, leaves microscopic bits behind for her sisters...and doG forbid a piece of nature gets attached to her food -- she makes the most ridiculous faces and tongue gestures trying to rid her food of the intruding organic material.  Seriously, this dog is *special* in every sense of the word -- & I love her so much my heart just might burst if I loved her any more!!

Silly Fillie.  I'm just going to faint if she has like 10 or something.  Not like I've ever had a litter before, but with over 2 weeks to go, I wouldn't think she would be THIS BIG.  For a finicky eater and everyday-Ethiopian pre-pregnancy, she sure has turned a corner!

I've been swimming her this past week, since it's been nice and warm here.  The water's warm, too, so no Beanie-cicles ;-)  We went on a nice trail hike/swim in the early afternoon on Sunday.  We were all super tired of garage sale-ing, and with the crowds so much smaller on Sunday, we just closed up shop early, threw everything leftover on the curb, and took the dogs for a romp.  Much more fun than sitting around haggling prices with folks that ought to take a few ESL classes.

Fillie looks like the typical woman, completely irritated by her man's ridiculous behaviour.  
(& yes, that is Neo -- aka PigPen -- barking behind Beans)


  1. I can't wait for the puppies to be here. I love the Beanie Baby Blog and look forward to it each day. While I was reading about Fillie's new love for fish, it took me back to when I was pregnant with Katie. I had never liked ice cream. Yes, folks I did not like ice cream but while pregnant with Katie, I found a love for it like no other and had a bowl everyday. Perhaps that's why I gained 47 pounds. I also hated beer but for some reason I craved it while pregnant. No, I didn't indulge but the taste for beer did stay with me after delivery and beyond. heehee

  2. Glad you're enjoying the blog, Christy!
    I can't wait for them either, I'm *so* excited!!

    You didn't like ice cream? HaH!!

    Well maybe Fil' will like fish for forever then, super cool!! :)

  3. The peeps that to get one of Fil's pups will love this blog. Not too many folks get to look back on the evolution of their own puppy from before conception to homecoming. Pretty darn cool.