Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Funday

A week ago today, we took the pups on a horse trail along Lake Lavon.  It's taken me a week to post these because I had to somehow clean them up a little.  Click through and you'll understand.  
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Puppies aren't gonna slow her down -- she can still get up and GO!!

Still always makin' it to the front!!  Srsly -- fastest dog I've ever seen.  
Even when she's barefoot & pregnant.

Still pretty as ever -- even sopping wet and chunky as can be.

Still intense

Still holdin' that one paw up in anticipation <3

 Still wanting to DIVE into the water
 Even if she doesn't have a dock to jump off of...
 ...she can still levitate out of the water and put on a good show!
 Nothing can hold a good Bean down!

& now...

So while the other dogs were racing around the lake, and frolicking in the fields...
 Neo spent the entire trip to the lake...
 Trying to hike this huge boat bumper between his legs.
 He made some seriously nasty mud pits in the process!
 Look at the size of that thing -- and he wouldn't leave it behind!
 He was very proud of his find.
 Sometimes he'd hike it into the water and get halfway clean.
 Being clean was unacceptable, though, so he had to re-PigPen himself ASAP.
 That mud was flyin' high!
 He had a lot to say about the situation as well.
"The bumper and I are WAY too clean -- where did all the mud go??"
"Come here, little pretty...."

I apologize in advance to any puppy owners whose pups inherit this PigPen gene.  It's something the likes of which I've never before witnessed.  Neo's propensity to cover himself head-to-toe in mud is nearly beyond comprehension.  You just have to see it to believe it!

As an aside, he sure does make a lovely matching bookend to my porpoise-like Fil'!!
So while they may be covered in mud...these pups will be able to FLY!

"You know, some people pay good money for such an all-over mud treatment.  It's good for the pores."

"I'm handsome anyway, you leave my mud addiction alone!!"

& that's that, folks :)

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