Thursday, February 3, 2011

So "Fillie"

Inspired by my friend's video of her dog stacking rings recently, I decided it would be a good idea to teach this to a couple of my girls while we're all iced in.

So I start with Fil'.  
Center piece in front of me, blue ring nearby.
She puts her nose on the top of the yellow center piece.
She touches her mouth to the blue ring.
Next thing I know she has the yellow thing near her rear legs and she's lifting her right rear this:

Let me add that we have never, not once, worked on any sort of lift-one-rear-leg trick, or anything similar.  She...she came up with that all on her own.  I *so* wish I had been filming (silly me left the camera up at DogCity, dangit!) because it was seriously priceless and totally Fillie!  This dog has more unique way of approaching this world than anything I've ever seen.  She never ceases to surprise and amaze me, and make me laugh full belly laughs!

If  her puppies have half of her uniqueness they'll be oozing personality on day1!

Here's to hoping for a good report from the ultrasound on Monday (appointment's at 4:30p)!!

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